Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Gonna Be Okay

"I love you,"
"But look at you, you're a mess. Why can't you love me when you've got your shit put together?"
- Definitely, Maybe (2008)

It's really devastating, and heartbreaking, and it feels like it's the end of the world when we're losing something or someone we love. Of course the latter would cause more serious damage. Especially when the separation, when the break ups happened after we finally thought to ourselves,

"This is it. This is the person I'm looking for all this while, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, the person who really gets me"

But somehow, something went wrong, something that we never really noticed, or really paid attention to, and that it manages to make all those thoughts felt like it's just another meaningless silly stupid thoughts. Or worst, it makes us felt that it's all just a fantasy.

It might changes us a bit, to the better, or to the worse. Or completely transform us to a whole new person we never thought we would be.

And life goes on.

But somewhere along the journey, we will find another love, another broken hearts, or few more sweet memories and the places to avoid since it brought us back to the night where we've got our heart crushed, or simply the dates that we hope we could skip for it could be another anniversary we couldn't celebrate.

But even if it sounds bad, even if it sounds so oh-God-forbid-no, we will all eventually go through this once, or twice, or many times in our lives.

To the point that we would feel like giving up.

Anyhow, please just dont, cause in the end, even how corny it would sounds,

"Believe me, it would be alright"

Because finally, in the end you'll find the person who truly wants to spend time with you, who truly gets you, who truly loves you. It might take years, or months, or a lifetime to find the one out there but believe me, it will all ends well.

In the mean time ladies and gents, carpe diem.



specky said...

has been in this kind of situation before..but then i realize all the heartbreak things makes me stronger

mireya said...

Hopefully, I'll get stronger too.