Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Thoughts

I still have no mood for writing. Well, I did some writings actually but it was more to romantic writings for myself. I really love romantic writings. I have stopped those kind of writings for almost two years. Maybe due to lack of inspiration, or I just lose my muse.

But now I am actively writing those back again! And I want to keep my pace at it. I guess, I've found my muse back. Or maybe it's just temporary muse, but it's a muse nevertheless.

I have a lot of stories to tell but mostly I never get to jot it down while I construct the sentences in my head. When I finally get to a piece of paper or any devices that would enable me to write, I'd lose my words. Blergh.

Well, some updates anyhow, I've started running recently. And my pace is getting faster but the problem now I've lost my mood for running. Perhaps I just need new songs to keep me going, or maybe I need muse in running, too? Okay gatai.

Gym is so full with people nowadays. Seems like everybody wants to work out and be healthy. It wasn't like this when the first time I went there. Maybe that's why I have no mood in running. Because there's too many people in the gym! That's it. Hmph.

I think I should write more, shouldn't I? See, I've got the answer for the problem I've wondering for the past few days already. Heh. Well, let's see.

Maybe this is the last day of Eid, but Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, loves!

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