Monday, December 31, 2012


Macam biasa, every end of the year I'll write something to sum up all the activities and memories that have been created throughout the year. But maybe not for 2012. Too many good things happened that I've lost count of the blessings.


Anyway, just a sneak peek of what happened in my 2012:

  1. My relationship with people around me (families and friends) are getting better and stronger. Alhamdulillah. 
  2. My relationship with the boyfriend has ended. There, I've said it. Now I'm totally single and available. You can email your resume if you're interested. HAH! Okay, before you judge me, I'm kidding okay. But still...(LOLOLOL)
  3. I love my internship. I'd do it again if I ever get the chance (but hopefully I won't repeat my internship cause that would be just sucks. Who the hell fail their internship anyway? I don't wanna be the first!)
  4. 2012 is the year full of happiness. I don't really remember being sad. Being miserable, yes. For a month or two. But then I'm back to being happy and joyful me.
  5. I've made some new friends. Mostly during my internship period. And yes, and I love making new friends. 
  6. Somehow I achieved my 2012 resolution, which is; not to be stingy anymore. And Imma keep it that way. I want to be generous. The Generous Belle. Hmm..Okay that sounds super riak. 
  7. I've achieved my another 2012's resolution, which is to lose weight. Yeah, I did lose weight. During the fasting month. I've lost 6 kg! But then I've gained another 10kg. Yeay! - NOT! Hmmpphh!
  8. One of the valuable lesson that I've learned in 2012 - People will surprise you. 
  9. I've read a lot of books this year!
  10. And I've bought a lot of books, too!
  11. I have a hell of experience with a super annoying, nightmarish landlady and her son. Urghh the thought about them alone pun dah boleh buat aku rasa nak bertukar jadi The Hulk.
  12. I miss my the people and my workplace. 
  13. I've had a lot of fun journeys and roadtrips this year. HAHAHA
  14. I've spent a night in hospital teman Siti Sakinah yang sakit. Hihi. Okay this is new. At first I thought I'd be super afraid sleeping in the hospital that I won't be able to sleep at all, but then I'm too sleepy to be afraid so I just fall asleep after 10 minutes. LOL baru aku faham the power of mengantuk like Mimi Yana always said. HAHAHA.

Anyway, my resolutions for 2013 would be..
  1. I want to be happy. Sincerely, honestly happy.
  2. Live a drama-free life. Cut out any unnecessary dramas and complaints. But it would be really hard since I'm a drama queen after all.
  3. I want to lose weight. Okayy azam setiap tahun. Hopefully this year I could shed at least 6 kg. Please God, pleaseeee...or at least I won't put up more weight. Urgh the thought alone scares me.
  4. I want to travel to South East Asia countries. Preferably by train to Thailand, then Vietnam, then Cambodia, then Laos. Backpacking, not tourist yang pergi shopping shopping tu. But aku takde geng ni. Takde member nak ajak. Kalau korang yang baca ni ada plan nak pi mana mana, aku nak ikut boleh? Aku janji aku akan jadi budak baik and tak susahkan orang. Okay sori iklan, tapi serius niiiiii aku nak travel sangat. Pergi Krabi ke, Maluku ke, Phi Phi Island ke, Sampoerna pun boleh (lol padahal Sampoerna kat Sabah je pun). Okay aku desperate.
  5. I want to graduate!
  6. I want to get a decent job with a decent pay. Lepas dapat gaji belanja family vacation, shopping, makan mahal mahal sampai semua orang dalam rumah jadi gemuk.
  7. To finish reading my books. I've got like, 60 more books to finish including the ones in my virtual library. Wohooo! Sorry nerd alert.
  8. I pray that 2013 would be a lot better than my 2012. mom asked me to put another resolution to my resolutions (Okay ayat terabur, bear with me people!). Which is,

To find my significant other before the end of 2013. Because, according to her logic, if I couldn't get a boyfriend before I graduated, I may not get a boyfriend at all. HAHAHA. My mom is funny. But seriously, to find a decent boyfriend may not be a priority, but let say I'll put it into consideration. Maybe after I've lose weight. HAH! As if I would ever lose weight! Okay positive thinking! Positive thinking!

So there goes a lil' bit about my life in 2012. This is super simple post mostly sebab aku malas and I really can't sort out the events according to months macam yang aku selalu buat in the previous year.

Anyway, 2012 has been very nice to me. Probably one of my best year. I love 2012 so much that I'm afraid that 2013 won't be as good as my 2012. But Allah is the Most Knowing. I pray that my 2013 would be better or at least as good as my 2012, insya Allah. 

And hopefully you've had a great year in 2012 and your 2013 would be better, too. Insya Allah.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody! Have a great one!

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