Friday, December 21, 2012

The Man

Tak berapa lama dahulu, ada orang tanya kepada saya

"Belle, kau suka lelaki yang macam mana?"

and surprisingly, I find it hard to answer the question. Mungkin sebab saya dah lama tak minat orang, dah lama tak pandang lelaki untuk dipilih-pilih menjadi calon yang sesuai untuk dijadikan bapa kepada anak anak dan teman hingga ke penghujung nyawa.

Jadi, saya mula berfikir, lelaki yang macam mana lah yang saya suka?

I think, all I want is someone to converse with. The one I can talk to about so many things, from my favourite books to his favourite ice cream flavour, for hours. Someone who could be there and makes me smile with his presence. Someone who I've known so well that we could understand each other's jokes even when we're not talking. Someone who could make me laugh when I'm on the brink of tears. I don't mind the appearance, he could be someone with the darkest complexion that I need torchlight to see him during night. Or maybe he's the fairest of all that people mistaken him for being albino. Only he must be a bit taller than me, or a lot taller. As long as he's taller than me. Just because I like looking up to see my man's handsome face. I don't mind the face. He doesn't have to be handsome like a movie star. He just needs to be handsome in my eyes. For my eyes only. And if he's older, that would be a big bonus. But then, age is just a number.

The man I want must be some kind of adventurous. The man who I can count on to go travelling with me, prolly by train to Thailand and Cambodia. Who can be the one standing beside me while we're on top of Mount Kinabalu. The one who'll take me to Pondicherry just because we're both amazed by the town as told be by the movie Life of Pi. The one who can take me swimming in the sea in Phi Phi Island, or diving in Andaman, and playing by the water in Maluku. I want a man who I can take to the craziest adventure, as crazy as sky diving in New Zealand, or swimming with sharks in Langkawi. The one that I can take to try the newest food joints in town, or the one who'll make me eat some random weirdest looking food while we're away travelling. We will have our own bucket list, and we'll do it together. From giving meat to wild alligators, to enjoying tiger shows together in Bangkok,  and to the thing as simple as watching sunset in Bali.

I want a man who would love to watch movies with me. We'll have our own movie list. And we'll take turns to watch those movies. Maybe we can have Godfather and Star Wars marathon on the same week. Or maybe we can watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind on the weekend where we had our fights. He'll make me watch Human Centipede just for fun and I'll make him watch some crappy movies from Razak Mohaideen just for fun too. We will go to cinema and pick any movies for random. Or maybe we'll go to any indie-movie screening in KL just because we feel like to, or downloading the movie which we just read the reviews and loving it. We'll constantly check on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes for the movie reviews and exchanging thoughts and comments on the said movies.

My man doesn't necessarily have the same taste in music with me. He doesn't have to love Aqualung and Regina Spektor the way I do, or he does not need to obsessed to the band Nightwish the way I am. He may be the fan of Megadeth, or fanboys of The Beatles. Or maybe he loves reggae and ska a bit too much when his playlist full of Bob Marley, Eric Donaldson, Republic of Brickfields, and The Skatalites. He can be the one who love heavy riffs and enjoys Black Sabbath, Trivium and Lamb of God when the bands alike is always full blast while we ride in his car. Or, he could be the guy who loves the  good old days like Queen, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, and Guns and Roses. The man I like could be the one who loves the oldies and the classic and he loves dancing to Elvis Presley, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and Ray Peterson. Probably, he thinks those are a bit too mainstream so he resorts to some indie genre where he listens to easy-listening band like Sigur Ros and Mogwai. Any ways, it wouldn't matter. As long as we can stand each other's taste in music. As long as we can appreciate good music together, as long as I could still do my reading while listening to his music, then we're good to go.

And of course, a man who can be my imam in solah, and in life. The one who can guide me and remind me to perform my prayer even while we're away travelling in Vietnam. Who can recite surah lazim as good as he sings the lyrics of November Rain, the one who can always correct me when I'm wrong.

All in all, I just want someone who I can trust to protect me, to converse and crack jokes with me, the one who'll stay even when he knows I'm just an ordinary girl with no special talents. Ordinary girl who sometimes swears when she's mad, an ordinary girl who's sometimes is boring to be with, and the ordinary girl who laughs a bit too much, and little too loud.

Well, maybe I'll find him, maybe I wouldn't. Either way, I just want to be happy and enjoy my life!

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