Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 Years Too Late: Why I Love FRIENDS!

I know this post is 10 years too late, and it has been 20 years since the first episode was aired, but hey admit it, they are the legends!

1. I love Chandler Bings sarcasms, sometimes it reminds me of my friends and well yeah, me. I'm annoying liddat.

2. I love Phoebe quirkiness! I have a friend that is exactly like her!

3. I like the bromance of Joey and Chandler. That's true bromance. Chandler supported Joey when he had nothing, and they get each other jokes like all the time. There's even one time where Chandler told Monica that when they have their own house in the suburban, they'll gonna build a small house for Joey near their home. And when they really bought a house, they have a spare room for Joey! Isn't Chandler-Joey bromance wonderful? I envy them for that.

4. I like Joey and Phoebe's friendship. (I want one!) They're loving but they're not in love, they're friends but sometimes it seems like they're more than just friends.

5. I love it how the show showed that the characters are readers. Even Joey reads! I remember the episode where Rachel ask Joey to read Little Women while she'd read The Shining (Joey's favorite). There's also an episode where Chandler gave his girlfriend (not Janice!) a book for her birthday. I love it that they shows reading is good.

6. Chandler and Monica are the sweetest couple ever. I think Chandler is a sweet guy. I want my guy to be like him. He's sarcastic, but at the same time he knows what to say to calm his woman. And he can stand Monica, I gave him credits for that.

7. It's amazing the show is still relevant and I still laugh at the jokes until I cramped (this word exists, right?) my tummy.

8. Phoebe is the most beautiful bride (at least to me) I've ever seen on any TV shows.

9 The words Mike said to Phoebe during the wedding is beyond romantic,
"You're so kind, you're so generous. You're so wonderfully weird. Every day with you is an adventure, and I can't believe how lucky I am, and I can't wait to share my life with you forever."
10. I want a friendship like the girls had. They have said some really nasty and mean things to each other, they fight all the time but they still stand strong and be there for each other all the time. I remember when Rachel and Monica fight when Rachel had to move out from the house and they said mean things to each other to ease the pain, but then they realized how badly they'll miss each other.There's also time when Phoebe fired Monica during her wedding but she's happy to pick up the job back and she has done a very good job with the impromptu wedding out in the snow!

11. I like how the hang out in a coffee shop rather than a bar drinking beer all the time. (Well, they stored the beer in their fridge back in the house)

12. I really like how clean the show is! Okay, I admit that I may be labelled as the one person who always have the dirtiest mind or the ones who always came out with the dirtiest jokes but I like my TV shows to be clean! Haha seriously, the show has no nudity, no over the top sex scenes, even the making out sessions were so light I can watch it in front of my parents without getting embarrassed or having the urge to change channels.

13. They even invented the new 'F you' sign that is safe to use. LOL

14. I think it is safe to say that we all have a friend like Ross, or used to have a friend like him. I really cannot stand the guy. But he could be real funny sometimes. Lulz.

15. The show still have flaws like the cliche (sleeping around /  love affair of the characters in the show; Joey-Rachel, Rachel-Ross, Chandler-Monica, Chandler-Janice, Janice-Ross) but it's forgiven because hey, it's them!

16. Always remember Regina Phalangie and phalangie is what saved Ross and Rachel relationship. Thanks to Phoebe my favorite!

17. "How you doing" Joey's style might have work if you do it correctly. *winks*

18. I cried so hard during the recap episode (the one before the finale). I've never get attached to any series like I did with this one. The characters developed so wonderfully together, I even started to care about them!

19. Crap, now I miss them. I might do some reruns later.

20. Maybe I love them a bit too much, but I know they're fictional. I hate them for making me jealous for having that fabulous friendship they've had.

Maybe that's all for now. Go watch the series if you haven't cause you're so gonna love it! Even the fashion was funny too (imagine the early 90's). Hihi.

Okay, now I really, really, really, miss them.

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