Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2013

Macam biasa, every end of year or every beginning of year I would have some reminiscing to do just to reflect back all of my past achievements and lessons that I've learned from the year. So, here is the lists of things that I've done during the past year:

1. I went to Hujan gigs in Ipoh
I was a raingers (LOL) when I was 18 and I've been dreaming to go to their gigs since then but I've never had the opportunity to do so. Anyways, who would have thought that I've finally had a chance to see my favorite Noh singing live in front of me five years later? Muahaha thanks to my lovely girls who asked me to go there with them.

2. I've been to the sky bridge, KLCC
Which would not have been such a big deal to those who worked in KLCC. But for me it was really such a big deal because not in million years I would have thought that I'd set my foot there. Why? Mainly because (everybody should have known by now) how much I despise living in KL despite its heavenly shopping malls and good foods it offers.

3. Dream role
I've finally get the role that I've been dreaming since forever! The role of an evil queen, the Maharani for the theater Istidraj Maharaja Beruk directed by my lovely director, Dr. Shark (doc, if you ever read this I saje je nak bodek you. Hihi :P) Thank you doc, for having faith in me!

4. Participated in theater festival
Okay, I always heard the seniors of my theater club talked about this festival (Festival Teater Perak) but I've never get the chance to participate in ones because well I don't know why. But somehow the festival is back after almost four years of hibernation and I was in! and I was playing the role of Maharani (refer point no 3)

5. Won an award
This is probably the highlight of my 2013. Well, I've always love acting and theater but I never expect to win anything when I first entered the festival. Mainly because it was my first time and I haven't watched the other groups performed. But when my name (my role, actually) was announced as the winner of Special Jury Award for Festival Teater Perak, I just couldn't thank God enough for the award. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to the awesome team, and thank you Dr Shark for the ilmu and tunjuk ajar (kali ni bukan bodek, ini betul betul).

6. Graduated
Finally I managed to finish my degree years in UTP! I missed my days there, especially my beloved friends. Anyways, the memories remained and I hope the friendship will, too. InsyAllah.

7. Surgery!
This is a funny story which I will somehow update you later, okay. I was diagnosed with appendicitis two days before my convocation! I almost cry at the thought of not getting my scroll on stage in front of my parents. But anyhow I manage to gain all my strength and went to my convocation on wheelchairs (I missed the procession of graduates with my friends and classmates) but I managed to WALK on stage to get my scroll. Mind you, on the day of convo I was not on any medications (painkiller) and it was just exactly two days after my surgery (surgery on Friday afternoon, convo is on Sunday). I am, until now is amazed at my pain threshold. LOL

8. Trips
I have two vacation trips last year. One was Penang trip with the girls which was not a budget trip as we have expected. Haha but at least it was a fun one! And the other was Singapore short trip with my family. USS yaw!

9. The interview
I somehow managed to get recommended to work in one of the biggest oil and gas company in Malaysia (hehe you know which one) and currently I am waiting for the placement. Please pray for me that I'll get placement soon. Penantian itu satu penyeksaan but I am still keeping my faith. Hopefully I'll get the good news soon, Amin!

10. Foods
Well, 2013 is a festive year for my tummy (no wonder I got appendicitis - well takde kaitan pun okay). I went to the infamous Nasi Ganja (after four years of studying in UTP baru nak merasa makan nasi ganja!), I tried Mee Kicap Ipoh, Burps & Giggles, Plan B, Nasi goreng udang (or rather udang goreng nasi for the amount of udang yang melampau!), Ikea meatball, pasemboq Pulau Pinang, Kapitan Nasi Kandar, nasi arab, steamboat and BBQ, and plentiful mamak treats almost every night! Oh, how I miss those days!

11. The engagements
Two of my childhood friends were engaged this year and I can honestly say that I'll be attending to a lot more engagements and weddings in 2014! Yeay!

Overall, I am very much grateful to God for my 2013. Honestly, there is not a single sad memory that I can recall from the year. All was wonderful cheerful happy memories that I had in mind. Alhamdulillah, I hope it was not istidraj (Nauzubillah) but somehow a reminder for me to always be thankful to Him and be content with what I have now.

My 2014 resolutions:
1. I want to live a healthy life.
2. Expanding my network (I want to meet a lot more new awesome people)
3. Maintain my current relationships with the people in my life now (this is hard but I'm going to try)
4. I want to get a job (hopefully soon! Please hire me nowwww)
5. I want to travel (I had a plan in mind. Just wait till I get the job and BAM!)
6. I want to be a better muslim. I need to work on my relationship with Him. Insya-Allah, pray for me, people!

No more resolutions on losing weight because I just realized that it's important that you have a healthy body image and well, living healthily will somehow help you to get the body you've always wanted!

So, happy new year 2014 everybody! May your and my 2014 will be as good if not better, insyAllah :D

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