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The Fateful Incident

Okay, seperti yang dijanjikan, I will tell you the story about the tragedy that happened just a few days before my convocation. My hari bersejarah was tainted by this tragedy!

Berikut adalah rentetan peristiwa berkenaan. Jeng jeng jeng...

23 Oktober 2013
I drove to UTP alone with a big smile. I intentionally went there four days earlier because I've been planning to spend my days with my friends. All sorts of activities dah ada dalam kepala, nak jumpa siapa, nak keluar pergi mana, nak makan apa. Everything! Tapi tidak ku sangka...semuanya bakal hancur begitu sajaaaa. Ye lah, kita hanya merancang, tapi Tuhan yang menentukan. Ye dok?

Sampai je dekat UTP, I pergi lunch with my girlfriends - Afiqah dengan Elya. After that, I dengan Afiqah went to settle some stuff regarding our convocation (ambik robe, register, ambik car sticker, and pass masuk for parents) and then we headed to Elya's room sebab nak rest. Malam tu, we hang out with our friends spending the night with laughs and joy. Ye lah, nak grad kan, of course bergelak sakan and happy je.

So nak dijadikan cerita, malam tu we went out to Ipoh and kitorang makan malam lambat sikit. But before that, dah ada makan a few snacks ringan lah and when it's almost midnight tu baru me and my friends went out to get some heavy foods.

After that I follow Sakinah back to her house in Ipoh. I spend a night there. And I thought it was okay that I makan lambat malam tu...

I was wrong.

24 Oktober 2013
I woke up with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Makanya, beberapa kali jugak lah I keluar masuk toilet sebab sakit perut. I was thinking "This must be my gastric!"

For your information, during that particular period, I was suffering quite a bad case of gastric. Means, I have to be very particular about my food. If I missed a meal within few hours get ready when all hell break loose. Memang menangis lah. The reason why I have gastric pun because I was on an unhealthy diet because I wanna look good on my graduation pictures (sobsobsob masalah perempuan sangat - nak cantik je, kena kurus kan). Plus, I was having a problem with my weight pun waktu tu.

And I terus teringat about last night yang I makan lambat tu. I had lunch at 2 pm, and the next meal was at 12 am. Almost ten hours! Memang habis segala acid dalam perut waktu tu memberontak dan menghakis ususku akibat kebuluran kaaann.

But pagi tu, my perut takde lah sakit teruk sangat cuma tak selesa je lah. Later that morning, I went to have breakfast with Sakinah and her family. I makan roti canai and air sebab waktu tu perut tak selesa so nak makan banyak pun tak syok. I did buy a Chinese medication for masalah angin. In case lah, my sakit perut is just sebab angin kan (this meds is an alternative in case ubat pharmacy tak de effect on me).

Then after that I went to pharmacy pulak to buy ubat angin. Kat rumah, kalau I ada masalah ni I akan ambik Histac je but waktu tu I forgot to bring the medications with me so I have to buy a new one lah kan. Takpe lah murah je pun ubat tu tak mahal.

It was almost 11 am when we arrived at Sakinah's house that my stomach mula buat hal. I vomit everything that I just ate and the night before. I keep vomiting until it was almost 2 pm and after I had my lunch, the vomit stops.

You must think "Eh terrifying nya, kenapa you tak pergi klinik je? Ha kenapa pandai pandai beli ubat sendiri? Ha? Kau tu engineering student bukan budak medic, pergi la klinik oi!"

Bukan I tak nak pergi klinik, but honestly, I dah biasa dengan sakit perut dengan muntah ni semua. I've been suffering this since 2006 and almost every year mesti ada satu case yang teruk macam ni so I thought this is it lah. That's why lah I just bought the pills yang I dah biasa makan.

Long story short, at 4 pm my stomach dah okay. Dah tak sakit, I was healthy and happy again. So, I asked Sakinah whether dia nak keluar ke tak because I feel bad that she has to entertain orang sakit (me) ni kat rumah dia kan. And malam tu after Maghrib we went to buy stuffs kat AEON and I beli Gaviscon for precautions sebab takut masuk angin lagi, and we headed to UTP to meet our friends.

After jumpa kat UTP (they were having dinner at the time), we went to Manjung. Two cars with 6 people. 3 orang (including me) naik my car, another 3 naik kereta dengan Afiqah (including her).

We arrived at Manjung around 12 am. We were having a good time waktu tu. Everybody was happy. Around 1 am, suddenly my perut cramped. Sakit gila that I can barely walk. My friends noticed that I look terrible so they asked me if there's anything wrong with me. At the moment I said I was okay but after that I just can barely stand the pain.

So, I asked my friend to take me to the nearest clinic - I thought it was my gastric and I figure, if that was the case then nothing that a few pills can't help. But it was midnight, and we just can't find any clinic that was still open at the moment so my friend decided to take me to the nearby hospital.

This is when the story gets interesting...

Okay bersambung in the next entry!

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