Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sweet Pee

I have a friend, that I know through a training program conducted by my company. He's a young man, energetic, and married. 

Yes, married with a son.

The training takes some months, and he was forced to live far from his wife. The true long distance relationship, I must say.

One day, the friend talked about yet-to-be-released iWatch. He said he wanted that because he wants to record his heartbeat while running.

So I asked,

"So why don't you get that running watch? I know I've seen some"

"You mean that watch Suunto?"

"Yes, that brand"

"I've already owned one." He replied.

"So, if you've already owned a Suunto, why'd you need an iWatch then?"

"So that I can send my heartbeat to my wife (when we're afar)"

Hearing that, I suddenly feel the urge to check the sugar level in my blood.

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