Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shit My Friends Say (3) #Muse

One day, my friends and I, including Muse were talking about wedding. It's because we just realized that there are a few of us are getting married in less than a year from now. 

So as usual, the most important thing that came to mind when we talked about wedding is of course, the cost. Most of us are shocked to know that wedding can go up to fifty thousands ringgit for 1500 guests. It is really a burden for us, especially when we're just started working. 

One of our friend, who is getting married just around the corner shared about his budget. The wedding didn't cost a fortune, but still there is still quite a lot of money invested.

When we asked him about what actually cost the most, my friend told us that it's actually the catering that consumed most of the cost.

Upon hearing all these talks about money, suddenly Muse said,

"I think I know, when I get married, I'd held my wedding ceremony in a restaurant."

"I've heard people do that before," I said. 

"Well yeah. People have done it. But I would do it differently."

"How different?" Asked another of our friend.

"You know, when people attended weddings, they'll shake hands and give money to the bride/groom's mother or father?" Muse asked.

"Yes, go on." I said.

"So, instead of that handshakes, I'd just asked them to go to the counter and ask them to pay for their own meals. The money would be used for the same purpose anyways. So there you go, problem solved!"

We know he's joking, but if that ever to happen, that wedding would go viral due to angry hungry guests. 


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