Friday, June 26, 2015

Shit My Friends Say (2) #Damak

Now I'm gonna talk about my friend, Damak. Damak and I, we go way back. Not really that far, anyways. Hah. We've been friends since our university years and now we're working together in the same office. 

Actually, there are a lot of shits Damak says but somehow, I can't find a way to publish our jokes because it was so inappropriate and not for public view. But there's one that I remember:

It was a lonely day at my house since there were only me, and my other housemate, Kohi in the house. We were bored and we were hungry. So I asked Damak and our friend, Hanif to join us for dinner. 

Kohi rarely spend time with us. In fact, that was the first time Kohi has joined the three of us for dinner. So, since we've got new people in our crowd, Kohi has become the center of attention. Knowing Damak, I'd know some inappropriate jokes are coming.

But surprisingly, Damak has been very polite, properly funny, and has made Kohi laughed (as usual). And Kohi now thought of him as a truly genuine person.

On the way back, we have to send the boys back home first. So in the car, Damak asked Kohi a few words in Malay and Kohi has to translate it to Tamil. 

"Kohi what is thani?"
" Thani means water"
"What if, thani gar-der-gar?"
"That means let's go get drunk" Kohi chuckled.

Damak suddenly smile sheepishly and asked, 

"What is pandi?"

This word is actually another inside joke between us that Kohi knew about. 

Kohi looked at Damak and answered, 

"It means angel"

Damak thought for a while and said, 

"That can't be! I knew you're lying"
"If you knew, why you asked?"

Kohi rolled her eyes and we knew by then that Damak can't stay being polite and proper for long. 

*pandi in Tamil means pig/swine

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