Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Shit My Friends Say #Muse

I have this one friend that I met during a training my company sent me. His name is Mus. Anyhow, my friends and I loved to call him as Muse (read: Moo-sir). 

Well, Muse is actually a very serious person. His personality is more or less like a businessman so he doesn't talk nonsense much. Anyhow, he could be very funny sometimes and his jokes (even most of them are quite lame to be honest) still could cracked us up most of the times because they are so random and out of the world.

Like this one time, my friends and I together with Muse, went to Perhentian Island. We were talking outside while waiting for our travel agent to take us to the jetty.

While we were talking, we saw a shop lot named 'Kedai Jahit Kak Dah' and out of nowhere Muse asked,

"Who is Kak Dah?"

One of us said,


"Wrong, try another"



We ran out of names to think of who is the name of this Dah woman. And since the question was coming from Muse, all of us were expecting some weird names. 

"Give up?"

"So, what's the answer then?"


*Dahnaraj is a name of one of our colleagues

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