Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You Say Sorry Just for Show #NowPlaying

Honestly, I am the one to talk. I like to talk about my problems, my experiences, my heartbreaks, my crush, my everything because I like to share.

Anyhow, I have this THIN line that I do not want to cross, regarding telling my dispute with others in social media. You know, like if you've gotten into a fight with a friend and you feel dissatisfied, you wanted to play victim, or prey, or whatever cards you want, and then you want the whole world to know about your dispute so you posted in Facebook, and Twitter and any social media possible just to show where you stand.

I don't have respect to this kind of people.

Why, you may ask? Because personally I think, if you have problem with a person, you tell that person about what has been bothering you two. Do not try to play the victim card. Do not try to make the world pity you because news flashed: NOBODY CARES. So people would either laughing at you, or they'd think that you are being childish and silly.

Unless you are still in your teens, I'd consider forgiving you for being foolish.

One more, please do not drag other people into your problems. Do not bad mouth the other person just to get people to be on your side. If you are truly on the right side, you won't bother getting support from others. Of course, unless you are a politician and you need votes to make sure you win. Otherwise, stay cool, stay calm and just mind your own business.

So, next time if you find yourself in this situation, try to solve the problem by talking. Face to face, do a sit down and talk. Let things out of your chest, be truthful to each other. Do not try to sweet talk. Lower your ego, do not think that you are right, even if you do. Try to position yourself in other's shoes, muhasabah diri. We are human after all, we are no saints and we all make mistakes whether we realize it or not.

And remember, always be the 'BIGGER' person. I know it's hard, but TRY.

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