Friday, April 24, 2015

MY Sale Seasonal Reductions

Okay today Imma gonna talk about shopping.

Or exactly, HOW do you shop during the famous MY sale reductions? (click!) The sales that makes us girls went crazy and our boyfriends/hubs/fathers (?) sweat for how fast the cash flowing out from their pockets. Or better, for the strong independent women who shop with their own money, it's the time when you are ignoring the overdue balance in your credit cards and the amount left in your debits and start swiping to win the bargain.

Yes, you know that sales, yes, again it's THE MY sale reductions we're talking about!

But, you know what they say, sometimes it's not really a sale and you're left dissatisfied with your purchase and you'd feel bad because you're not winning it, and your items would only remain relevant for a short period of time or worse, remain unworn or unused in the lovely wardrobe of yours.

But worry not, here are some lovely tips for you whenever you went out for shopping during MY sale reductions:

First, accessories and bags never goes out of style.

Yes, you'd know this. Buy some leather bags, or fringes, or totes, or whatever. You know it. Bags are always worth the bargain and worth the buy. How could you not love a lovely black tote that you could practically wear to almost anywhere? So, during the sales, go find ones! Find the one worth buying, worth swiping your cards for because you know it'd last forever (okay, exaggerate) and you could and would show it off anywhere.

Second, denims never gets old.

Buy a pair, and you can wear it with your sneakers for some sporty gals look, or wear it with boots to show off that cowgirl image you've been digging for. Denims last forever. You could never go wrong with denims. So, you gotta find one that win the bargain during the sales.

Third, PLAN!

Never buy things out of impulse because the next thing you know, you'd use it once or twice and you'd never look at it ever again. Or worse, you could be buying all the wrong things - the things you don't need, and won't touch ever that would only hurts you financially and make the future you hates the present you. Therefore, plan the things that you wanna buy. Make sure the things you purchase are the things that never goes out of style or at least can last a few seasons so you're winning the sales. You might wanna do the planning by subscribing the online newsletters or catalogs to keep yourself updated with any sales and promotions.

So, there you are. I am writing you a lovely piece of advice which I rarely do so please help yourself by remembering the tips when you go out shopping (doesn't matter if it sales or not) because what's important is winning the sales because WE CAN!

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