Saturday, March 28, 2015

Royan #2

Remarks: I know I am not the right person to talk about this but there was a saying that goes like this:

"Listen to the content (advices), not from whom it was coming from"

Forgive me for being bitchy. I am so hormonal right now. I think because I've not been with my usual crowd for quite some time and I haven't got my daily dosage of happiness so most of the time now, I tend to get and be cranky and I can't help it.

So I can't sleep and what I do was scrolling through my twitter and facebook  timeline and oh boy, what a challenging world we are living. 

I am not talking about GST, or the economy because I'm not really good at that but imma talk about manners and sifat malu.

Which, I'm not really good at too, but what the hell I'm old fashioned and I'm super hormonal now.

Do you know men are visual? You can say anything and they would've imagine it  beyond your (women) own imagination.

I know this because my guy friends told me this.

And I always find it embarassing if a female talks about her private stuffs like it was nobody's businesses. I mean, I don't mind dirty jokes because it's a joke (which most of the time are cracked whilst we are with friends) but to tell people publicly about some of your private stuffs...urm what are you doing?

Are you feeding the public's imagination? 

And coming from an innocent looking girl...

Ok let's give you benefit of the doubt.

Plus, oh well, what do i know. I'm just old fashioned. The world has evolved. There's no such thing as privacy or nothing to be embarassed about, right?

We have gender equality, is it? Guys can talk about what's in their pants so why shouldn't girls do it too, right?


Not me. At least not in public. Not saying that it's ok to do it with friends but let's just keep it low, at least, can't you?

Belajar malu sikit lah kalau tak banyak pon.


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