Monday, June 16, 2008


SEPTEMBERinesque (eheh..)

taggi maggie dri darling ladyheart!! okeys..banyak peraturan gak tag lihat!~

1.Determine your birthday month and get a word that rhymes with it or you can affix to it. Caps lock your birth month (ex: MAYday! JUNE dune, APRILicious, JULYvely, AUGUST pocus, parched MARCH…). Be unique.
2.Your birth month plus the word affixed or rhymed shall become the tag’s title in your case.
3.Get your birthday and add the digits involved. Example, if your birthday falls on the 25th of July, add 2 and 5 you get 7.
4.Whatever is the sum, write a list of the MATERIAL gifts you wish to receive, the number of which shall correspond to the sum of your birthday. For example, applying the case above (in rule number 3), you will write seven (7) things you wish to receive.
5.After your wish list, put your name and birthday in the Bloggers’ Birthday Directory, with a link to your blog/s. Note: when you add your birthday, please place it in a way that the dates appear chronological (January, February… 1, 2, 3)
6.Pass this tag meme by tagging as many people as you want. it is :

well.i'm mireya. also known as mira or belle **hee~**
i was born on 17th september 1990. **i owez found the date is soo very special**
i've calculated my birthdate n it turn out date my wishlist are 8. **my lucky number!!**

i wish, i wish, i wish
1. i cud eat everything i wanted n never get fat
2. i cud own lotsa designer stuff (prada,gucci,dior,chanel,jimmy choos,manolos)
3. i cud kill someone without getting arrested
4. i cud be a very good muslim **tutup aurat dgn sempurna,taat perintahNYA,tggalkn laranganNYA**
5. i cud b a good daoughter to my parents **giving them anything they wanted, n obey their rules, do wutever they asked me to without objection n stomping feet**
6. i cud owned anything that i wanted **even if i wanted a person!! wahahaha**
7. i have lotsa money **$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$**
8. world peace, n minyak murah, setiap muslim jdik muslim yg baek **this is three wishes oredi!!**

my bloggers frenzies birthday:
.:rosma:. 2 january .:ladyheart:. 23 january .:hana:. 5 april .:dean:. 11 april .:aminah:. 10 september .:naqeb:. 15 september .:wawa:. 24 november .:epan:. 13 december

epan,naqeb, hana , rosma , wawa , dean , aminah , n anda sume yg berminat..

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