Friday, November 14, 2008


maybe i am a bitch after all.

what should i do? this is my nature. i can't change who i am. i've tried, but i failed. seriously. i tried so many times to be a nicer, sopan girl. it just don't work for me. it don't last long. maybe it works for some period of time. the longest, urm. five months. if it reached five months pon dah cukup impressive dah.

saya memang semulajadi jahat kot?

i talk, and my words hurt people.
i keep my mouth shut, and they called me a snob.
i laughed, and they called me loud.
i care bout my friends, dan mereka kata saya batu api.
i am happy, dan mereka kata saya gedik!

macam mana nak jadi baek dan lemah lembut macam perempuan biasa?
boleh ajar saya tak?

cause i am damn tired to care bout what people say. i am tired of collecting foes. i hardly found people that can suit my characters. it either me, or them.

i want friends. not foes. i had enough with the hate and all. i don't want to mess with people. but i always find myself in the middle of a fight. and i always be the one who start the fight. *believe me,i don't even realized it!* it always me be the one who look so wrong. and, and it really makes me look REALLY BAD.

kadang-kadang saya kasehan dengan diri saya.

people hate me for something that i didn't do. or sometimes because i am at the wrong time, wrong place. selalunya, saya memang malang.

i don't know what to do. i give up of changing myself. i better be the old mira. mira with laser mouth. mira with the bitch attitude. because, whoever i am. i am still mira. THE BAD MIRA. or MIRA THE BITCH. it's all the same, right?

it's either you love me, or you hate me.

mana satu pon, saya tak kesah. sebab saya adalah saya. agaknya saya memang tak ditakdirkan untuk nampak baek dihadapan umum.

even if i be nice to people, i still look bad. so, i better be bad.

so, people. yes, i am bad.
you play hard with me? i play harder.
you hate me? no, i dont hate you.
i love you even more.

hey kamu,
saya jahat tau.
jangan maen-maen dengan saya.

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