Wednesday, November 12, 2008

saya tak bersalah!

he's not my boyfriend.
indeed, i don't have one.

i don't say bad things bout you.
why should i do that?
u are like my top 10 favourite person in this very utp.
why would i talk bad bout you??

well, in this case, you are soo wrong.
you made her did that.
please don't blame her.
she don't have no one else to turn to since she's a girl.

perempuan kan manusia yang lemah.

plus, she's been through a lot.
i mean A LOT .
and she just couldn't take it anymore.

she tried to protect you.
but she failed.
cause she loves him more than she loves you.

he is her boyfriend. you are only a new met friend.

what do you expect, then?

i tried to protect you too.
since i love you both equally.
i'm stuck between a favourite person, and a bestfriend.

i don't want to be blamed.
i have a new aim.
to make friends a lot.
enough with the enemies.
saya dah tak mampu deal dengan musuh.
i want peace for a sem.
at least.

this sem is almost over anyway.
please, we used to be friends yang sangat best.

forgive him anyway.even it is hard.
and please forgive her too.
dia tak bersalah.
and please, don't drag me into this problem.
i have nothing to do with it.

tolong jangan bergaduh lagi?


saya merayu.
cik mireya never begs.
this is deadly serious!

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