Friday, November 7, 2008

kita kan manusia. :)

i have a friend, S *omg! somehow i asek substitute nama sebenar orang dengan huruf je kan?, heh, who cares?*

oke. back to the topic. S.

S is sweet. a sweetheart, a darling to everybody. i don't envy S. of course i don't. why would i? *haha.defensive.symptoms of jealousy*

i wonder. is S for real? i mean like, how many people on this very Earth is as nice as S? S smiles, never gets mad, S is everybody's favourite person! cud u believe me? i'm not exeggerating here oke. every gender love S. well, i like S too. since S is very nice and charming. buat menantu pon best ;p

but then, i saw S mad, angry, cursing, and keep complaining bout people in hidup dia. seems like S is not perfect like people always like to believe.

i saw S imperfection *oh, i'm good at looking to those imperfections!* well, i always look S as a fun person. S enjoyed diri dia very much. and so do people around S. the way S talks, the way S blogs, the way S walks, everything seems so perfect and i was just like,

"no wonder peeps love S. S memang such a darling!"

S don't curse like me.
S wears nice clothes.
S approachable.
S has lotsa gfs.
S has lotsa bfs.
everybody love S!

S blinded people. i know, S doesn't intend to do so. u're nice and kind, rite sweetheart? u don't do such thing kan? kan? S is naturally nice and totally a sweetheart. *i mean it tho*

i saw S complaining. S looks very annoying then. S complains macam dia is the most perfect human being kat dunia nih.

darling, i know u baekk. and everybody loves you. tapi, jangan compare diri kamu dengan mereka. mereka bukan macam kamu. kamu kan hampir sempurna. :)

i realize that NOBODY IS PERFECT.

even me myself.

well, kita kan manusia.

saya pon buat silap juga.
terima je.
sebab manusia itu insan.


Nqb...da one n only... said...

btul...kitakan manusia..

mireya said...

mnusia itu slalu trsilap.

deena said...

hello bell!
it seems like u love ABC vy much

mireya said...

ABC rawk my socks!