Saturday, November 1, 2008

saya seorang lesbian.

i wonder if i were a lesbian, what kind of lesbian i would be?

would i be the girl type, or the man type?


i couldn't be the girl-type of course, coz i'm too loud. (i laugh like crazy oke.hell.)
i'm not that soft either cause i'm not typical malay girl yang sopan santun kan.
i'm not girlish enough eventhough i wear baju kurung and pinkish stuff. **da lame my frens x ckp i look boyish.ppl change.i realized i'm a girl neway.haha**
i don't wear dresses or wutsoeva that ladies-like outfit. if u saw me on those outfit people, that means that was bought by my mom. note : my mom shops for me :)

neway, i still look like a girl coz i wore heels and dammit, i like those sexy outfit! hahaha.i love handbags and i wear makeups too! **somehow, i'm a typical girl kan?**


i couldn't be the man-type too.
i'm quite manja, and clingy too! **tadi baru gelak macam gaban dengan cik rosma coz i told her that i am manja!** note : cikrosma kata cik mireya perasan manja. but hey, i am oke!
i am penakut. even to go to the blackout toilet **fish u!** i have to mintak cik rosma teman.hoho.

still, i have those masculine quality since i curse a lot! **haha.all guys curse kan?well,who don't?** i like girls especially leng lui **again.who dont?** and, some other stuff that i better not to mention it here. ;p

then, i figure out something.

i could be both!!


i better be straight then. i'm unique! ;P
sesungguhnya, saya masih seorang heteroseksual.

i don't get enough caffeine today.
sudi tak sape2 nak belanja saya?


MyNaMeIsZeFF said...

aaa... lesbian pun boleh jadi isu.

mireya said...
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mireya said...

semua benda pon bole jadi isu. ;p

Anonymous said...

just be urself n stay innocent but don't forget to have fun.that's the key to understand urself.. :D

mireya said...

to anonymous.
yep. i love having fun n of cz i'd owez stay innocent as i am ;p
thnx for review. i hope i cud understand myself better. :)