Thursday, December 18, 2008

darl, you dah tua!

i am sorry.
i am not good at words.
i don't know how to make a rhyme.
i don't know how to make my words sound good and lovely.
i don't know if you gonna like it or not.

but who cares darl, i would write it anyway.

i don't really remember exactly the day we met.
forgive me that we don't have anniversary to celebrate.
but still, i remember exactly how i met you.
thanks to rosma and sekin, from them, we knew each other.
and you know what happened next, right darl?
ops! ;p

and today is your special day.
and too bad i can't be there to celebrate it with ya.
only my wish and pray i could sent to you darl.

may you always happy happy happy. :)
may you would get whatever you wanted.
may GOD bless would always be with you.
may your days would always full of sunshine, and no dark clouds surround any of your days.

forgive me for not ym-ing you,
or simply sms-ing you.
just to say,
i am not the kind of person who wished birthday exactly on 12 o'clock.
because i don't want to be cliche with the person that i love.
i like to wish u late late late.

so dearest,
you're turning eighteen.
be responsible, even now you could access the night clubs without having to pay extra cash to the doorkeeper.
be nice, even you now could watch x-rated movies in cinemas.
be cool, be happy, and chill babe.
i'll always sayanggg kamuuuu.


happy birthday deena mugien. kamu dah tua!


deena said...

haha ouh bell aku nga nangis ngan 2 kotak tisu ni.
mekasih mekasih.
sgt terharu ni.

eh gamba tu shud be for what-not-to-do in library kan kan?

under the most gloomy sky.i wonder if i can watch the shooting that i can make my wish come true.and.if i will.i wish for the everlast happiness for the sake of my beloved friends,bell.

k la nak sambung nangis.
thanks again

mireya said...

this supposed to be romantis anywayyyy.
i dunno nk uat genre ap 4 the bost. so i just write it je lah.
ok dear, epi2 bday again!