Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hypocracy biatch

does the title rings any bell?

people used to say and tell that they hate hypocrites as if they are not one.

believe me, everybody [note : me,you,her,him,they,us] is or used to be a hypocrite.

for me, it is not wrong to be a hypocrite. because sometimes being frank will makes you look like a biatch.

oh hell yes, believe me. i know it very very very well.

people expect us to be kind, friendly, and accept them as the way they are. so do us. but, when something, someway, went wrong, we can't help to avoid the "unlikeable" feeling.

so, we tell a friend.

"hey dude, i don't like the way she talks. she's loud, man. LOUD"

but, we still be friend with the person. we still hangout, dine together, laugh, and went shopping together. as usual.

until one day, the friend told the person that you bitch bout her. and BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


friendship on the rocks. just because you be nice in front of the person and didn't dare to tell directly what you don't like about them straight to their face. just because you're trying to take care of their feelings, you were called a HYPOCRITE.

next time dude, find a way to tell the people you love bout what you don't like bout them and asked them to do the same. :)

anyhow, this kind of hypocracy could be forgiven if we give a consideration.

but, there is one kind of hypocracy that i hate the most. yes, i could accept hypocracy because i don't care if you hate me or bitch bout me behind my back. do that, it doesn't harm me babes. :)

only one kind of hypocracy that i hate the most :


i've used to know this kind of people, before.

they tell people that they are nice.

"i always help my mom do housechores"
yes, after i heard some yelling from your mom and your stomping feet down the stairs. hell yeah, you're such a good child, dahling.

sometimes they told people that they are bad, really really really bad~

"i take drugs sometimes, just to release stress"
seriously? you felt dizzy when you smelled asap rokok,you fainted when you saw syringe, you vomitted when you eat panadol, even cough syrup pun you tak boleh telan. drugs? errkkkk.

sometimes they tell people that they are pious.

"i memorize surah al baqarah"
really? but bro, surah al-kafirun pun you confuse which verse you have to repeat, ehem? :?

they are not and NEVER be like others.

"that is the most disgusting thing i've ever seen! aren't they scared of Allah's wrath? astaghfirullah,i never and would never do that in my life"
didn't i just saw you do the same? erkk.

but, still. they bitched bout people.

"you know, i saw X and Y &*^%$ near the abandoned house last night! seriously! i don't believe Y is that cheap!"
oh, what the hell are you doing there late at night? by the way,your boyfriend just upload your pictures with him on myspace. oh! not to forget, there pics of both of you together wth X and Y! at the exact abandoned house, doing the exact effing bussiness! photoshop, maybe, dear?

i am this.
i am that.
i don't this.
i don't that.
i hate this.
i hate that.


but, they acted otherwise.

they love telling people that they are nice. maybe they think that people would go :

"oh, you're so nice!"
in you dreams, baby.

i couldn't accept this kind of hypocracy. i really disgusted with this kind of act. maybe i would forget, one day. but it would leave an unremovable stains, here >

you could bitch bout me behind my back, you could tell the whole world how much you hate me, and act nice in front of me. it won't harm me.

don't do like this. this is the moct annoying, disgusting, irritating things to do.
this is hypocracy biatch!

of course, i've tell people that i am nice too.
just like the way 'this kind of people' did, maybe. ;P

kita kan manusia.


syud said...

hmm..sumtimes dis kind of pple r hard 2 xplain huh??

ct sakinah said...

xde post time g queensbay??
cik mireya ni kn pndai bercerita...
skin smangat nk bace nih hehe

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ha. tell me about it la.

quite on the turnout, some people may need to be a sweetheart and all.

I've learned a long time ago that things resolved pretty much easily by just being frank. If you're ugly, I'm gonna tell you that. And otherwise.

But of course. By being frank you risk to lose a lot. =D

By being frank it cancels the doubt factor, and it throws out curiosity like Charles threw out Diana.

mireya said...

syud :
they are hard hard hard to explain.

ct skin :
nnti sy cerita dalam post yg laen.
insyAllah. tak janji tau.
*pix hari tuu kureng masyukk laaa :P*

mighty jacksparrow :
setuju sekali.

well,it's hard to deal with people.
after all, being frank is the best choice.
tapi kena hati-hati pilih ayat lah.

Ko_Kenal said...

This is one of the characters which we can always expect and have to deal with now and when we are out there, in the real world.

It is part and parcel of being alive. We should always prepare for the worse.

mireya said...

alangkah bagus if it vanish.

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

wanna beat him some day?



mireya said...

hell yeah.
alangkah bagus kalau boleh bahasakan dia.

sure he gonna cry
"mama! mama! look at her! she's a bitch!"

and at that time, i'm gonna laugh like a witch!


tapi saya baekk :P

kusu said...

org hipokrik tempat dia kat neraka yang paling bawah sekali~
nau'zubillah :D

mireya said...

yes kusu,
nauzubillah. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice language.

mireya said...

anonymous :
tenkiu :P