Saturday, December 13, 2008

i am not a feminist

i watched down with love. oh hell yeah! renee zellweger look HOT HOT HOT in this movie! sexy sexy sexy.

and i love it. ;p

the movie is all about leaving love and beg for equality. lastly, they realized how man and woman need each it supposed to be lah kan.

seronok lah menjadi makhluk yang lemah. :) me myself enjoyed every bit of it.

1. guys hold the door when you're about to come in and he's about to go out.
2. the terms "LADY'S FIRST" won't exist when there are equality.
3. when our car break down in the middle of highway, we tend to get help easily even without asking for it.
4. one tears, and HE'll go weak.
5. we could asked men to hold our heavy shopping bags while we checked out new shoes sales ;p
6. we could whine whine and whine. because we are female. imagine if guys do that? sure is disgusting!

of course, we hardly earn guys' respect. so what? they're born ego and selfish. why do we care?

do our own job happily and care enough to not care bout them. annoying them sure is fun :)

don't ask for equality baby, we've already got the speciality. :)

oh hell yeah!


aku.arr said...

babe, told u down wit luv is great..
i lyyykeee!!!
my fevret of all time..
"ms novak, da darndest thing!"

mireya said...

i lyk mulut renee dalam cite nih.
comey n gebu!
mcm mulut ikan!
mmg bes bes bes lah!

deena said...

bell.are you in love with somebody?
urgh.i smell love and affection here!\
ouh!!jgn curang padaku!!

aku.arr said...


u kan my ikan buntal..
cm renee..heheh

i tot kita baru ja declare our luv!
kau curang!!!

mireya said...

deena :
mane de in love.
steady je maa.
i x curang dgn u.
pomishhh!~~ :P

aku.arr :
i am soo ikan buntal!

jgn gado dgn deena krn i!
anda brdua sama2 spesel
*drama queen giler*
hahaha ;p

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

of course, we hardly earn guys' respect. so what? they're born ego and selfish. why do we care?


mireya said...

exactly :)

-miyn- said...


gadis, wanita, perempuan sudah spesel. apa guna mntak sama level, kan kan??

mireya said...

betul tuu incik miyn.
hepi hepi mnjdi female.

Ko_Kenal said...

Yes baby,

equility is in the eye of the beholder. Gal & guy can never equate mathematically as they are of different species.

It is like trying to equate apple & orange. Both are fruits and yet they are not equal and can never be the same.

mireya said...

that's correct!

well, ko_kenal, that's a one good analogy.