Tuesday, August 11, 2009


sometimes we thought we knew better, but it always turned out that we never knew a thing pun.

we thought we could bring happiness to our beloved, but it turned out we brought them doom.

we knew we want nothing but happiness to the person we care the most, but we just do not realized that we actually are hurting them.

it just happened that we are too ignorance of others, and only think about our own self even we keep claiming that we care,

yes, we care.

but it just don't show somehow.

now the person you loved suffer, and you were there just to watch them pouring down tears, crying all night long thinking whether they are doing the right thing,

and we keep assuring them that it IS the RIGHT thing,

but we don't know the pain inside is so hard to handle, we just know that we are doing the right thing.

was it really the right thing to do?

i know it is the right thing, only when it hurts,



and it hurts me the most to watch you fall,
sorry you,

i do feel guilty and responsible for everything,


dan sesungguhnya perbuatan sia-sia is only a waste of time.

i'll agree with any of your decision after this as long as the tears wouldn't be there anymore.
enough the pain you had all this while, i just couldn't bare with any of it anymore.

you know i always love you, babes.

this post is for the girls who know who they are. to both of you, i might not show that i care, but i do really care. it just my words are too harsh to handle and i just dont want to hurt you both no more.

perempuan baik untuk lelaki yang baik, dan selalunya apa yang kita rasa baik untuk diri kita tu, tak semestinya baik untuk kita. ALLAH knows better.

i know i only cakap pandai, but that's what i expert the most.

MINTAK MAAF banyak-banyak.
[i know it was too much of apologize, but i just keep hurting you girls kan? thank you for still be there.]



rosma said...

semua ni salah you.

rosma said...

diam la lepas ni babe.
semua salah you.

mireya said...

mulut da jahit haritu tapi tebukak balik.

faizfaizah said...

comelnye nye belle!!!!~

mireya said...

tang mana tu? ;P

farah_dee said...

woaahh..rilek la kwn2.jgn gado2.come what may,we stick together kn? :)

mireya said...

insyAllah farah. :)