Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Thing yang Saya Belajar ,

Being an egoist is stupid. Waaayyyyy stupid from asking your cat to call your name out loud. So, stop being ego. Ego plays a major roles sometimes, sometimes it gives you pleasure of winning, it gives you the pleasure of having the power, but in the end,

You'll end up feeling empty and lonely.

I resign from being an egoist. Sometimes i would let it plays its role but that's it, just sometimes.
My ego had almost killed me and makes me lose some of the important people in my life. My ego had prevent me from mixing around with the person I'd love to. My ego had let me sank into the temporary world of pleasure. Winning is not the only thing I wanted in life, sometimes losing is better.

I'd rather lose my ego than losing my precious people in life - friends and family.


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