Saturday, December 18, 2010

Television and Me.

I have left my television days for years. But now, television is my buddy. I could spent hours watching TV and not doing anything but still feel content. I love it. Dah lama tak enjoy TV the way I enjoy it now. The last time I have my favourite TV shows is when I was fifteen.

Oh television is always been my buddy. You see, I was born with a brother. And that's it. So we're pretty much a loner. He didn't go out much, since he loves his video games, and me ? I spend my time reading and watching TV. But after sometimes, I left them. They say it is a part of growing up, but lately I realized how much I miss my old times. I miss the time I only have my TV to amuse me. I had friends that I used to play with, but it only last until I was twelve. After that, people grew up, they changed and I have to adapt. And adapting made easy with books and television.

I may sound pretty much like I'm having a bad adolescence days but it's not. In fact I was very happy. I remember watching Sketches at eleven pm every Monday, Show Me the Money on 10.10 pm every monday, Malcolm in the Middle every 10.40 pm on Tuesday (my brother and I have trouble deciding to watch Scrubs or Malcolm so we always switch channels during ads), Just Shoot Me, Scrubs, Futurama, Family Guy, Kopitiam, Each Other, 3R, King of Queens, According to Jim, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I love Libby).

I remember being all excited every time there's new sitcom or new shows aired on TV. Even during that time my family didn't subscribe to Astro yet, I still finds the free channels were awesome.

I remember how I begged my mother to let me watch Pillow Talk hosted by Bernie Chan. It was aired on 12.10 am (back then ntv7 always love the extra 10 mins just to make them look different) if I'm not mistaken, and the next day I have school but luckily I have an understanding mother and yes, I always could watch every episodes of it.

And yes, I love Manglish shows. I love Getting Together. It's my favorite. I remember drooling over urm I can't remember his name, I have troubles remembering nowadays but he's soo buff and handsome. Oh how much I love the show. Same goes to Kopitiam, it's like Friends in Malaysian version. Everybody in the shows are awesome. They are funny, and they looked like a family. Manglish shows are on it's peak at that time. Remember "Talk About Love" ? Oh, and Sketches ?

Not many have watched Sketches. I rarely found people who watch this show maybe because it was aired too late ? But if you're one of those who watch this series,I'd say, "HEY BUDDYY !".It's the most awesomest show. It makes jokes on everything. It's like scary movies in series and if you are in some what come across any if the Sketches episode, watch it. It's so silly but it's not stupid. WATCH THE POLITICIAN PART. IT'S SO AWESOME AND FUNNY.

And on 2003 and 2004, I spent my weekend watching As Told by Ginger, How, and watching Gilligan's Island. These shows were the best things everrrrr.

I could go on and on about all the shows on TV during my time but I may write it in some other time. So here's something for you guys, I couldnt find Sketches on Youtube or I maybe not good enough on finding it, so here's something, just to remind you back of 2001.

Have a fun weekend, loves ;)



fanafanny said...

belle!!aku pun suka tengok kopitiam and segala benda yang ang tengok tu!fav!manglish mmg suka gile!

fanafanny said...

belle!!aku pun suka tengok kopitiam and segala benda yang ang tengok tu!fav!manglish mmg suka gile!

mireya said...

hahaha yeayy ! ada geng ! high five fana !!