Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi, Hello, & Sorry.

Honestly I failed miserably in my attempt to celebrate September, my birth month. My September did go well I could say, I always love September no matter what it brings and I still hope that I would still love it in the years to come.

So, the list I attempted to do would be bring forward to any time I feel like doing it (which I highly doubt so).

Now I'm in my holidays, I don't have anything to do. I just 'lepak' in my house, watching tv, eating breads (with Nutella until I finish the stock and whine about my fat arms, fat belly, and fat everything), playing with cats, and yeah that's pretty much it.

I've tried working, but that's another story to tell.

I am now bored with everything I've ever loved. I've kinda stop reading a few blogs because I've find it boring. I don't enjoy it as much anymore. I finally find Tumblr is dangerous for my fragile soul (HAHA) since it makes me weep and sad (I know I am emo all the time).

Except for the pictures, they're exceptionally pretty. Wonder how they've all manage to produce such pretty photos.

Then I've been on facebook only for checking the notifications, I don't wanna know about stuffs anymore. It's like I need to do something new, but I just don't know what. By the way I've got few months to figure out my new interest, or develop few new interests.

I am now 'patah kaki' since my brother took my car to his college.

I haven't finish unpacking my stuffs and I've been home for about 10 days already. I've got lots of stuffs I tell ya. So many of them I don't even know where to start. And I am currently merempat and not sleeping in my room because there's no more room for me in my room. Wonder how that happened? Thanks to all my stuffs that I don't even know I have.

I also just find out that I have lots of shoes but most of them needs repair. I am shoe-zilla, I damaged my own shoes.

I'm thinking about learning how to cook. Which, basically is my plan everytime I'm on my hols but I don't think I would ever be good in cooking. I am being pessimistic on this one plan. Blergh.

I am determine to finish reading all of the books that I have. Which is more than the shoes I have. It's a tough task but I am willing to challenge myself.

Urm last but not least, I thank God for my result for the previous semester. Alhamdulillah.

Have an enjoyable holidays to my fellow UTP mates, and have a good time, readers.

Till I wrote again, (that's probably tomorrow, or few days after)


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