Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not Me,

Cerita dia, I was bored and did some blog walking, and then I stumbled upon a blog that posted this wedding proposal.

My first thought was, wow this is sweet! But then I was like, ergh NO I hope this won't happen to me. I really wish that my man wouldn't be too flashy with his proposal. I don't fancy flashy proposals, at all.

Yes, AT ALL.

My proposal should be very private, and very intimate. Or, takpayah proposal pun tak apa. I tend to walk away or get cold feet kalau ada benda surprise macam ni so you won't get any positive reaction pun from me.

But I still have to give this guy credits for being a very good dancer.

Anyway Mira, ada ke orang nak propose kau? That's the question sebenarnya. HAH!

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