Saturday, September 21, 2013

21. How You Hope Your Future Will Be Like.

I don’t have an ambitious future. I’m a simple person. I just want to live a happy life with my family and friends. I’ve dream of buying my parents a new house. A bigger house with more rooms and bigger kitchen for my mother. That would make her happy. I want her to cook and bake all she wants and maybe both my parents can try new recipe together.  That would be lovely. I seriously hope I could buy the house while I still single.

 I hope I could somehow buy an SUV or a four wheel drive since I’ve always wanted one for me. The car would have a superb sound system and a nice looking sport rims. That would make me have one hell of a drive. I would want a house for myself too, but that could be taken into consideration later.

 I want to get married with the person I love who loves me back whole heartedly, and we will travel the world together. We will go for umrah and haj, and we will go for backpacking around Europe, or South East Asia, or even in Malaysia. We will go to every island in Malaysia and we will have our honeymoon in Maluku or Andaman. I will get my scuba diving license and we will go for scuba diving and snorkeling together. Maybe we can go to Bora Bora Island and try swimming with sharks. We might also go for bungee jumping and skydiving. It would be fun and thrilling at the same time. How would it feel to feel the adrenaline rush with the person we love? I wonder. We will occasionally go hiking with our kids and maybe camping in the forest during school holidays and maybe just picnic in the beach watching him playing with the kids and teaching them how to swim. And on the weekend, I will cook for them and we will sit together like a happy family.

Career wise, I just want to be a field engineer working in a petrochemical plant like I do for my internship. I love the work, working with machine and stuffs. Maybe it sounds boring to do the same thing every day, but somehow I think it would be okay. At least I will not always stay in the office, I still can go out to look at the equipment or just cycling around the plant appreciating the engineering wonders (Wow! I sound like a total geek).

And I will not lost contact with my friends. Maybe I will occasionally hang out with them, arrange a few sessions with the girls who would then be called the mothers. We can go shopping for our unborn babies, or make appointment for play dates for our children. Probably, we can cook together baking cakes and cookies. Occasionally, we can take a week off and go for vacation and shopping trip together. That would be wonderful, isn’t it?

Oh well, that’s all for my hopes and dreams for my future. But honestly, I just want a simple and happy life, with the people I love. That would be enough.


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