Monday, September 23, 2013

23. Something That You Miss

People say, you're gonna miss your study year the most and I say, na'ah I'm not. Who wants to stay up late finishing up assignments that you have to submit by 5 pm the next day while you actually have 9-4 class non stop and to make it worse you have a test on the subject that you have no clues on what the lecturer is teaching because he talks in a strange accent that needs subtitle for you to actually fully understand what he is saying that night at 9 pm?

And after that, you have meeting with your group members about the group project your lecturer gave you today.

It's exhausting! And I am glad that it's finally over now that I have finished my undergraduate studies, alhamdulillah.

But, it has been almost a month ago I gave my clearance form to UTP and packing up my stuffs ready to leave all the chaos of assignments, tests, and dramas behind that come to think of it, I start to miss all of it. I actually start missing my social life there.

Well, you know I duduk rumah jadi anak dara paling sopan dalam dunia sebab I tak keluar rumah at all asyik terperuk tengok movies I don't even know how the sun looks like anymore or whether the sky is still blue like I've always remember it or how beautiful sunset looks like sebab dalam rumah ni I don't have windows with such beautiful scenery like I have in my hostel back then. I only have windows that when you open it, you can only see men with oil and grease all over them with a strong smell of petrol and kerosene.

Sebab rumah I belakang bengkel kereta.

I miss going out with my friends to just hang out at mamak and lepak and talk about anything that crosses our mind. I miss gossiping with my girls about how stupid Malaysian celebs could be giving nonsense excuses to justify their bimbotic acts that are clearly wrong, and how graceful Jennifer Lawrence looked like when she received her Oscar, or how spoiled UTP students could be complaining about parking when clearly there's nothing that management could do to help ease their 'pain' and 'sufferings' of having to walk almost 100m from the parking lot to their rooms.

I miss getting excited over a new movie and making plans with the girls to watch it together like what we do with the movie, The Conjuring. We watched at midnight during the first night it was released! Thank God it was Ramadhan or else we'd be sleeping in Ipoh that night sebab masing masing penakut nak balik kan.

And I miss my theater group too. I miss acting. I miss going to training to practice our lines and still forgetting it. I miss getting pissed at people for not showing up without notice and make us wait for nothing. Haha tipu je takde getting pissed pun sebab when they do not show up kitorang practice je but while waiting tu sempat je gosip nyanyi nyanyi and gosip some more.

Well hey, I did gossip a lot kan? Mami jarum sangat uols.

Now I don't know whether I'll get to have the lepak session with all my friends like I used to, I don't know whether I'll be able to have movie nights and gossip session with my girls. I don't know whether I can find time to act and be on stage again. I miss those times.

Anyhow, I glad that I am able to experience all that. I am glad that at least I'm leaving UTP with all the good and best memories for me to reminisce when I'm all old and wrinkly.


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