Thursday, September 26, 2013

24. Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh

Okay, this is hard. Let's see what phrases/words that make me laugh eh

1. "Tinggalkanku...." Bahagiamu Deritaku by Hafiz
Well, this is an inside joke between me and a good friend of mine. Hihi

2. Belen
I know this is not a good word at all, tapi thanks to Ayam dan Babi, everytime I heard the word I can't help but laugh.

3. Nekeneng
Okay I don't know how to spell the phrase and I'm not sure whether it is a word or two-words phrase but the phrase is a Javanese words for "here" or "di sini" in English and Malay respectively. It's funny because I was watching "Interpretasi Rabak" with my brother and one of the character used this phrase secara random out of the blue. Haha

4. Nohorom
Okay ni lagi satu, not a good word but actually everytime I heard or see people used this word in their conversation eg. "Nohorom jahat doh kau bohong dia macam tu" I'll laugh my ass off.

5. "Please, make it as soon as possible"
Another inside joke. This inside joke is about Sakinah kena sengat dengan serangga misteri. It's not supposed to be funny sebab she was in pain at the time, but it's funny because...okay I don't know how to explain this but it's still funny to me. Hah!

Okay now I realized most of the things I find funny are mostly inside jokes, or inappropriate things. Haih apa lah nak jadi Mira oh Mira.


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