Friday, September 27, 2013

25. Something That You're Currently Worrying About

I can say currently I am kinda worry about my employment. Well, you see I have finished my study a month ago but I haven't been called to interview yet by my sponsor yet, so yeah I am worried.

But, in the same time I'm kinda relieved too because I want to have peace and relax in my home sweet home for a month or two before starting to job hunt, so okay I think this point is invalid.

So currently I am worried about my weight and my body yang dah macam kena pump dengan pump basikal. My weight keep increasing! And I don't even eat that much pun! I don't know what's wrong with my metabolism, it's like something must have messed it up so bad sampai I jadi macam ni.

You know how bad my weight problem now? It's so bad I can't even fit to my kurungs anymore! I want to wear my kurungs sebab they're all lovely. But my weight dah naik so bila I pakai the kurungs, it makes buah nangka yang kena balut looks lovelier than me. It's sad really.

So I'm worried. I nak kurus.


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