Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Knock, Knock! (Bukan Elizabeth Tan)

Yesterday I was supposed to do something, but as an ultimate procrastinator (I am totally not proud of it), I did not do the supposed task that I should do.

Instead, I was playing with my phone, browsing internet - watching Youtube, scrolling Facebook and Instagram, reading tweets in Twitter, and playing Candy Crush (stop it with the statement, "Dah 2015 pun ada orang main Candy Crush?" - defensive, I know but just keep your mouth shut SHHHHH).

While I was scrolling Instagram, I read a short story that was screenshot into a picture. A story about a girl yelling madly, saying that she needs to be alone. Just left her alone, she said. But she was tired of yelling and she finally condoned to only whispering - still asking to be alone. At the end of the story, I learned that she was yelling, not to a human, but to a thing which have a white colored skin with long hair, an abnormally long neck, and a pair of red eyes that hung on the left corner of her ceiling, watching her in her room.

I've got goosebumps. My imagination run wild. I could imagine that 'thing' appearing in my room. I started to get very scared, as you all know - and as I've mentioned before, that I am a coward. I really don't like being scared, and I am scared of ghosts and human alike.

Then I hear a knock.

Then another, then another.

Knock, knock, knock.

Honestly, I was so afraid I can't feel my legs. The knocking came from my bedroom window. Which, at that moment was just above my head. I don't know what to do. I was thinking to run to Elie's room and sleep with her on her bed and not think about the knocking sounds I've just heard.

Until I (unexpectedly) do nothing and continued playing my phone.

Honestly, after I heard the knocking sounds, I've heard few other sounds coming from the next room, from outside of my bedroom, and if I'm not mistaken, from the kitchen too. But I, surprisingly, do not take any actions/initiatives with regards to all those weird sounds.

And it was almost 2 am at that time.

The reason, because I believed that curiosity kills the cat. And despite how much I like cats, I don't want end up being like them. Killed.

So, the next morning, I told Elie about the occurrences and she told me that she has experienced the same, quite a few times too.


Just now, after coming back from dinner around 7.30 pm, I went into my bedroom. I was putting my clothes on the rack when I heard the same knocking sounds I heard yesterday. I stayed a little longer, listening to the sounds again. I want to know. I am curious. This time, I'm gonna be the cat, let me get killed.

The source of the sound was the same. It came from the window.

Knock, knock, knock.

I leaned closer to listen. After some moment, I realized, that the sounds was due to the wind outside, because currently weather in Miri is still unstable...sekejap angin ribut, sekejap hujan, sekejap panas, sekejap bad weather (eh!).

Sorry emo.