Sunday, January 17, 2016

2015 - A Summary, 2016 - A beginning.

My 2015 was colorful.

I started my year with a roadtrip from KL to Johor with my friends. We watched the magical show of fireworks in the USS and go around Singapore by foot the next day.

In February, I went to Krabi with my girlfriends from high school. We opt to travel by land, instead of by air. We were on the bus for eight hours from Pudu to Hatyaai. In Hatyaai, we were enjoying the street food so much we're practically munching every hours. Another 8 hours in a van, and we arrived in Krabi. We had fun playing under the sun. Snorkelling, playing at the beach, shopping at the night market, eating our pancakes and padthai. It was good times.

In March, I traveled again, this time to Indochina. I went with the same people that I have my roadtrip with to Singapore. We covered Bangkok, we went to the Red Light district area just for the heck of it, we got on the thrill of riding the tuktuk with the five of us. We laughed when one of us have to buy ticket for next day's flight because his passport expired.

We then traveled to Siem Reap. 8 hours in a van has not affected us. Except that we were very hungry and we've got no money left. We laughed and shared whatever we had, and bought some snacks just enough until we get to Cambodia. In Siem Reap, our hunger vanished when we finally get our hands and mouths on Lembu Naik Bukit. The most delicious beef dish I've ever tasted. The next day we got to watch the majestic sunrise in Angkor Wat, so majestic that it felt surreal.

Then we were on the bus for 14 hours to Ho Chi Minh. We were shocked and amazed with how people crossed the road there. We shopped, we bought bags, clothes, and loving the food. Pho. The delicious pho. And we got to appreciate the history in Chu Chi Tunnels. Got to know on how Vietnamese won the war.

In April, we were back to Johor again, to appreciate the engineering marvel. Looking at how platforms were made. It's a road trip with the rest of the classmates.

In May, my best friend got married. To the love of her life. That was the first time I got to be a bridesmaid with the rest of my girls.

Another fun trip with my friends. This time, we went to Pulau Kapas. It was good times. I love it there, and we truly enjoyed our time. It felt like we were in a private island. You should try if you haven't, the food was delicious and affordable, the snorkeling trip was cheap, and the fish, the corals, are a feast to your eyes.

Anyhow, in May too, I learned how to deal with other people's loss. A classmate, who was very dear to me, lose his mother to cancer. It was a hard time, and we were all there to support him.

In June, I had another trip. This time, my friends and I, we went to Perhentian Islands. It was so majestic, so much like paradise, Krabi had nothing compared to Perhentian. You should try, if you haven't. I enjoyed my time just sitting at the beach, reading, and looking at the vast beautiful ocean in front of me. What a time well spent with friends.

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In July, I went to Kudat. To the tip of Borneo, watching the sun set. That was the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. All of us sat on the rocks, looking at the sun set while enjoying our break fast. Just a simple mineral water, bananas, and cookies. It was a bliss.

In August, I started my gym training. I wanted to lose weight and at the same time training for my first ever mountain hiking. I really don't understand why do I ever registered myself for the hike since I'm not a very adventurous person, but why not, right?

In September, I successfully hiked the second highest mountain in Malaysia, the majestic Mount Trusmadi on my birthday. I can't tell you how proud I was with myself for having successfully hike the mountain. It was a good experience. I never know hiking could be so much fun. You should try it, if you haven't, cause I'm now missing the thrill of a hiking.

Also, one of my good friend, Elie, was getting married in this month! And I got to be a bridesmaid once again. Always, the bridesmaid, never the bride, eh?

Now October is the month where I fell in love. I was in love when I first stepped my foot in Bali. Bali is love. Bali is everything. I am missing Bali as I'm typing this post. Bali made me want to live there. Bali made me forget all the worries I had. Bali made me felt like I'm loved. You should go there. If there's any place that I could go, I would always choose Bali. The beach, the volcanos, the people, the food...oh, how I miss Bali.

November is the month for the brides. I've attended yet another bachelorette party for my friend, who is going to get married in a week from now, and another wedding in KK. Well, while in KK, one do not spend time just sitting around, right? My friends and I, we went islands hopping. We covered Pulau Manukan and Mamutik. It was good times, but I do not spend time in water since I don't want to get tanned. I have to be pretty for my friend's wedding! Hah.

December is pretty much the month for family. I spent one week holiday just entertaining the relatives who came all the way from Kedah, and the rest of the days with my little family.

I am eager and at the same time anxious to know what 2016 has to offer. I do not expect much, but I hope everything would be smooth sailing though I expect there's gonna be turbulence on the way.

Just pray hard, shall we?

Anyhow, for 2016 I have few resolutions, which are:

  1. Be a better muslimah. Always, always strive to be a good muslim. 
  2. Maintain the friendship I have now, and to expand my networking. This is important.
  3. To lose 10 kg. I've lose 5 kg in 2015, why not another 10 kg right? And, to be as healthy and as fit as a fiddle. Not just lose weight, but to earn stamina
  4. To work hard and smart. Times are tough now.
  5. To fall in love, and to be loved back. One can always hope and pray to have love in their life, right?
  6. Probably to tie some knots by the end of this year...who knows?

Well, after all, one can plan and He'd decide the outcomes.

I hope it's not too late to wish everybody a great year ahead, and may our 2016 would be as good, if not better!


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