Friday, December 19, 2008

you're nobody

you asked me,

who am i in your heart?

i keep silent. i stared on the floor. you keep waiting, wanting to know the answer. hoping it would be the answer that you wanted to hear.

then i took a deep breath, and answered,

you're nobody

i saw the changes in your look. your eyes shining. because i knew there were tears in there. your smile faded. and there was only a frown. you got up. you walked to the front. leaving me alone on the bench.

so, all these days, all these memories, i am just nobody to you?

i nodded. even i know you're not looking.

you're not my brother even you always listen to my problems and jokes around with me.
you're not my father even you keep protecting me all the time.
you're not my best friend even you're always here during the good and the bad times.
you're not my personal tutor even you always helping me in my study.
you're not my husband even you always give me all the supports and take care of my needs.
you're not my fiancee even i wore the ring that you gave me and you wore the one that i gave to you.
you're not my friend even you always texting me just to know how i was doing.

you're simply nobody.

you are only a person that i love.

and all i know is, you're the one that i wanted to live with, and spend the rest of my life just being with you.

and at that time, i see tears, and smile in your face.


corny and sweet. love tales always been a cure. :)
kawan-kawan, ini cerita tipu, rekaan sahaja.



Mighty Jacksparrow said...

"you're nobody."

somehow it struck me right in the heart to read this.

Probably because your version differs from mine quite in a big way.

mireya said...

well, it's just a love tales.


Ko_Kenal said...

Bella..Your are not my brother, you are not my father then you are not my wife? Mechanical problem or what?

Anyway, you always like to potong setim. If you really loves him, he should be everything instead of nobody.

mireya said...

oke oke.
i'll change that part tho'

it's not me y bercenta2 laaa.
only ceritaa maa.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

better yet, 'You're nobody' may compare to the fact that he is very high to be compared with anything else. 'Somebody' is usual. 'Anybody' is common. Nobody?

Tapi nobody aku lain. Itu totally different story.

mireya said...

you're totally a different story.
you'll get thru it.


rosma said...

dis holiday makes u a lott more sentimental somehow..
i'm worried

mireya said...

dunno laa.

myb sbab somehow love sparks around me but not me.

terserap aura centa org laennn.

rosma said...

luv can be a mess smtimes, bbe..
u've seen it around u kan??
tp bes jgk kalu dpt vibe dia..hehe

mireya said...

dpt vibe sudaaa

i xmo jtuh centaaa!~